• Retail Analytics
  • Security Analytics
  • OnSite Smart Cameras
  • Silicon Chip VPU (2017) 


nanoWatt Design™ products cover a wide range of implementation in the forms of software, systems, silicon chips and intellectual property (IP).

Our Retail Analytics systems provide an easy way to gain actionable insights based on customer store traffic. You will get full visibility into how many customers enter the building, when are you the busiest and how to better plan your operations to maximize revenue potential. analyzes your live video camera streams to look for guns. It is part of an intelligent video threat detection system that can be deployed where security is a concern, accuracy is required and authorities need to be alerted to potential threats as fast as possible.

Smart Camera solution puts the computer vision processing locally for scenarios where battery life and bandwidth are issues and speed is needed for the most accurate, timely results.

Proteus vision processing silicon chip (VPU) solves the current solution problem of relying on parallelization, with an array of cores – dozens to hundreds – applied to achieve the overall performance goals. Two key issues with such parallelization are power management, and programmability. The VPU is currently estimated to reduce power by 25 – 100x compared to graphics processors (GPUs) that have been adapted to the task. GPUs are optimum for rendering video, but not for vision processing. A new architecture is required, and has the solution. In addition, our VPU is readily programmable using C++, a critically important breakthrough in itself.