The Internet of Things that See

nanoWatt Design™ creates solutions that enable “The Internet of Things” to see intelligently so you can make smarter business and security decisions.

Driven by our expertise in deep learning, vision processing and object detection, nanoWatt Design’s focus is taking existing cameras that are currently deployed with commercial enterprises, governments and consumers and adding a deep learning software layer to make them smart;  do a specific visual task that was previously done manually.

Our patented technology software solutions includes specific object detection (people, cars, guns) for cameras so that people can make smarter business and security decisions.

Our solutions include:

  • Retail Analytics: helping retailers optimize their store employee scheduling by counting customers
  • Security Analytics: aiding government agencies to detect potential security issues with guns. See for more information.
  • Custom Applications: forecasting store revenue projections based on foot traffic and dwell time at cash registers.
  • Proteus: our next-generation, ultra low power, dedicated computer vision processor available in late 2017

Contact us today to see how visual computing can help you optimize your business and security decisions.